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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services

​Whether you run a small business or are managing a large corporation, at some point you are going to need the services of a commercial locksmith. You can count on LocalTrustedLocksmith to provide fast and professional service. Our mobile locksmith service in Philadelphia, PA is invaluable when you need us on-site promptly to ensure your business is secure.

​Re-Key Locks
A re-key may be necessary if you don’t want to change the entire lock. This process involves changing the pins within the lock so that a new key will work. Re-keying is less costly and labor intensive than replacing the entire lock. It is a great option for property owners, realtors and property managers. Re-keying gives assurance that the new key is the only key that will fit the lock.

​Master Key Systems
An important component of our commercial locksmith service is our master key service. If you want a single solution to your commercial key system, Noble can create a master key that will unlock a variety of locks that are currently keyed to multiple keys. Master keying your commercial property has the advantage of simplifying your business security by eliminating the need for multiple keys.

​Door Hardware Installation Services
To ensure your locks are properly installed and working, LTL offers hardware installation services. We have the tools to quickly and efficiently install the hardware needed to protect and secure your commercial property. We sell, service, repair, install and re-key the following brands of high-quality lock hardware:
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